Frequently asked questions

1Who is the ladies express gym suitable for?
All females from age 12 years old, beginners to advanced trainers in a fun environment.
2How does the eGym system work?
It works by helping you track your goals whether that is weight loss, toning up etc
3Is it easy to use for beginners?
Yes; once the trainer sets you up for the first time and is there to support you as when you required
4Is it safe to use the equipment being a new mum?
Yes; when you are cleared to return to exercise by your Consultant, it’s perfectly safe.
5Can I bring my child along with me whilst I train?
Yes; there will be a small play area within the gym where babies and toddlers can be monitored while you exercise.
6Do I need an induction?
All new members will receive an induction by a friendly trainer to correctly set up the equipment for you to train effectively.
7Will there be an instructor around to help me?
There will be a trainer on hand to lead instructor lead sessions. You can continue to train in this way, or you can opt for Instructor free sessions when/if you become confident enough.
8How do I access the gym equipment?
Gym can be accessed next to café at the waterfront
9What results can I expect from using the eGym equipment?
As you will be training with resistance type equipment, you can expect to see the difference in your body shape, weight loss, and general fitness.
10How will my results be measured?
Results will be measured at regular intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.
11Am I safe using the gym during open time?
Yes; as all the equipment has been safely set up for you
12I feel nervous about joining the gym, will this be a comfortable private space?
Yes; our new ladies only gym will be a safe and private environment, with friendly and motivational staff to help you work towards your goals at a pace and manner you will always be comfortable with.
13I don’t want big muscles. How can I be sure this won’t happen?
The eGym programmes are designed to promote better health, improved mobility and body shaping.